Suryagarh Hotel Jaisalmer – absolutely delicious for food


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Suryagarh Hotel, 16km out of Jaisalmer, is beautiful, but isolated in the desert.

While rooms can be quite affordable, especially in the low season,  food and drink is expensive, at Australian prices.

That said, the dining is very, very memorable….and there’s a few ways to stay in budget.

Welcome drinks and snacks are amazing and extremely generous.

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Then, through your stay, little treats and sweets arrive mysteriously in your room.

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Breakfast is included in the room price and is incredible, including a ‘chaat bar’ (make your own snacks) and traditional Indian sweets, as well as Indian breakfast foods and marsala chai served in a variety of traditional ‘tea cups’.

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The setting for breakfast is lovely and peacocks wander around the courtyard.

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Dinner is silver service, glamourous and romantic in the courtyard and very, very good.

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Safed chicken, rice, misi roti $AUS25          Bundi ladoo

If you have enjoyed the arrival snacks and sweets that arrive in your room, then really, one main, bread and rice is enough for two people…and helps to compensate for otherwise steep prices.

The complimentary sweets are very lovely too.

Another tip to stay in budget is to take some pre-dinner drinks and snacks out with you (a welcome tip from a fellow traveller).


Gin is $AUS3 for 750ml (a bargain)


Lake View Restaurant – a handy spot for dinner in Jaisalmer


If you stay at Hotel Garh Jaisal Haveli, in Jaisalmer, it’s handy to know about Lake View Restaurant, at Hotel Surja Guest House, almost next door.

Hotel Garh offers a great breakfast, but doesn’t normally serve dinner. So at the end of a long day, to just go next door and enjoy an inexpensive but delicious meal with a drop dead view, can be perfect.


Catering especially for backpackers, the restaurant is great value and Raj’s hospitality and helpfulness invaluable.

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Indoor seating                                                                                                                                                 Outside seating                                                                                The ‘music wallah’

IMG_0002_2-3 IMG_0002_2-4 IMG_0006_2-3 IMG_0007_2-3
           Great view                                                                                                                                                               Dal Tadka, Dessert beans, Roti, Jeera Rice, Marsala Paneer


Great Jaisalmer foods – through the day


Start the day in Jaisalmer with a traditional breakfast from one of the very popular vendors just outside the first fort gate in Gopa Chowk. (So popular, that it pays to pre-order.)

IMG_0005_2-5 IMG_0009_2-3

Dal Makarni and Pakwan and  Dal Chakori, especially ordered from the most popular breakfast stalls in town.

IMG_0008_2-4 IMG_0007_2-4 IMG_0010_2-3

If it the right time of year, the mangoes are amazing. Also sold easily in Gopa Chowk.


A great place for a sweet stop is Dhanraj Ranmal Bhatia.

IMG_0013_2 IMG_0015_2

                                                                               Ladoo Besan , Gotwa, Milk Ladoo, Burfi
And for dinner Dal Bati with Churma is wonderful! Available at Desert Boys Guest House.
Kanchan Shree Ice Cream, is a don’t miss stop as well.

Breakfast when travelling – a great time to try Indian specialties


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Dal and Pakwan                              Baked yogurt, idli

Breakfast in India, when travelling, is a great opportunity to try a wide range of regional and national specialities. Often a buffet selection of a range of Indian dishes is offered so it’s easy to try a little of lots of things. If breakfast is a la carte, usually there are one of two Indian breakfast options included.  And it’s even worth trying the same dish several times as each cook has their own style.

IMG_0013 IMG_0014

Marsala Dosa                                  Baked yogurt and more

IMG_0011 IMG_0009

Pao Keema                                                       Dal Makarni and Pakwan

IMG_0010 IMG_0008

Dal Chakori                                      Poha

IMG_0005 IMG_0006

Poha, Puri and Sambhal, Indian sweets       Marsala Dosa

IMG_0007 IMG_0004

Chakori, Mirchi Pakora, Samosa                    Poha

IMG_0003 IMG_0001

Goan Pao bread                                    Besan ka cheela

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Medu Wada, Aloo Bonda ,Goan breads Vegetable Xacuti, Butter Pao , Aloo Pakoda, Upma, Poori bhaji, Sambhar and coconut chutney


Aloo Paratha